Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planting Jalepenos

Shot with Katie's phone

My relationship with my daughter has had some rocky moments, especially in her teenage years. Since she is adopted we don't share any genetic similarities. And I am almost exactly 40 years older than her, which she has never let me forget. LOL  We don't really have a lot in common. I am more sedentary by nature, while she is an awesome athlete, sometimes running over 15 miles a day.  While I love to read; she has never been a reader.

So when I asked her to help me re-pot a root bound Meyer Lemon tree, I was surprised that she said yes.

We bought some potting soil at Lowe's, paid for it and on the way out, Katie noticed some jalapenos plants. She and her boyfriend love pickled jalapenos in almost everything except ice cream, so she bought a four pack.

We returned home with our goods and checked under the crawl space for some suitable pots for the jalapeno plants. It was sweet to see her excitement for something that she once considered so boring.

Lining the pot with coffee filters

Well she is not exactly into gardening yet. But there is hope that we will share love of growing things someday. It was a sweet moment for me. Did I say that our relationship has improved these last few years? :o)

Have a wonderful day, my friend!



lisa said...

I could have written this Charlotte. My daughter and I still have and probably always will have many rocky times. She is a good kid at heart, but has to work out a lot of issues, many I am sure are surrounding her adoption.

I have learned to take the good moments, make the very best of them, and hope that there will be more in the future.

I am glad you had this time with your daughter.

hootnonny said...

Glad you and Katie enjoyed your shopping and gardening activities. I am genetically bound to my children and there have been rocky roads for us as well. Now that the baby is almost 40, things have settled down. Perhaps it's because I too am older!

Kim, USA said...

Love your post! A good bonding moment for you two ^_^ That jalapeno's would surely heat the fire hehe!! Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it. And kindly check on your follower button it's not working.


Barbara said...

So wonderful that you found this common connection! My kids and I share some similarities, but we're still totally different in many ways - lots that really count!

Gail Dixon said...

It can be stressful when differences overshadow a relationship. I had a stormy relationship with my own mother, but now that I'm older we're on the same page and it's such a nice place to be. Moments like you had today with your daughter, coming together for something seemingly small, is actually a huge stepping stone to building a great relationship. Baby steps. :)