Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pie Crust and Posies

Hello, duckies! Are you having a good week so far? I hope so.
Here is a glass of lemonade. Come and sit while I tell you about my pie crust.

Sometimes, I just have to have pie. And I refuse to use the refrigerated pie crust because it should be really homemade all the way. At least the pie crust should be.

But I think that there are two camps of pie crust makers; those that can and those that can't. I fall into the second category. But I keep trying.

Being ADD, I read the instructions about 3 times, for a cream cheese pie crust that promised to be "forgiving". That sounded good to me.

The instructions were to cut up butter into pieces and freeze for 45 minutes. Also to put the flour, salt and baking powder into the freezer for the same amount of time.

This was all put together in a food processor, pulsed until "pea" shapes were formed. Then add 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar, followed by 3 tablespoons of ice water. 

Next she said that the dough would be crumbly but not to worry; scoop it out into a large zip lock bag. And then knead....and knead...this is not working, folks. Now I am getting nervous. And when I get nervous, I start to panic and look out. Lol. This is when I get really messy!

I dumped the mixture back into the bowl and adding way more ice water until it looked like proper dough. Then I divided it, wrapped it in plastic wrap and refrigerated it.

Sorry I didn't do a photo of the dough. It was very sticky even rolling on a silicone pad.
But it finally came together and I baked it and it was wonderful!

Not too shabby. Do you get frustrated with some cooking projects like I do?
If you have a "fool proof" pie crust recipe that you would like to share, please do.

Now, are you ready for some flowers? They are SOOC. I will play with them later.

My sweet husband bought this bouquet for me on Mother's Day.

Somehow, I can't think that the colors are real. They must have been dyed.

I forgot to change the ISO on my camera before going outside. It was set at 2000. But with ACR, I made corrections. :o)

Here is one of my hydrangeas that are blooming:

That's all folks!
Thanks for stopping by! Please come again soon!

Blessings and peace to you!

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Grandma Bonnie said...

I like making pie crust but I am in with those who can't. I still make my oen crust any way. The folower are so lovely. I hope you have a great week.

hootnonny said...

You'll find me in the can't column! I applaud your tenacity to keep making them till you get it right!
Dyed or not, what happy flowers!

lisa. said...

Charlotte, this pie looks wonderful, and I haven't had a cherry pie in so long! I do pretty okay with pie crusts, and I believe I have my Aunt to thank for that. So many years ago, she told me, "never Crisco, always lard.". Just my experience, but she was so right. Easier to work with, flakier, and yummier. Not so healthy I guess, but ya just gotta do it every once in awhile!

Your flowers are just gorgeous. What a sweet hubby!

Connie said...

Hi, I'm Connie at http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/, a new GFC friend. I hope you stop by and be mine, too. Wow, you are a great photographer, these flower photos are so vivid. I live in the south, too. Not quite a southern belle, raised in WI. But I love it at the beach.
Thanks for sharing your photos...

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Well, for someone who had so much trouble with the pie crust, it looks amazing!! I do not have patience for all those steps. Congrats, looks like you mastered the crust part.

We just planted our first hydrangea bush--a blue one. Cannot wait for it to get bigger.

Your Mother's Day flowers are gorgeous!! Hubby did good. :)

Martha said...

good looking pie. I was pie crust challenged until I found how easy it was to make in the food processor -- now I make it all the time!

Red Rose Alley said...

These flowers from your husbabnd look amazing. They are so pretty and vibrant with color. I never get tired of looking at flower pictures. They are the magic in my life. There's nothing like pie, is there? You did a great job making this one. My favorite is blueberry.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Garden of Egan said...

The flower photos are delicious!
I love the stunning colors!

Pie crust........I'm a huge failure at them. I've never heard of a cream cheese crust. Will be giving that one a try for sure.

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Charlotte, Hope you had a wonderful mothers day. I am also on the second group of pie crust, but will try your recipe and perhaps it will help me. Your flowers are so pretty, yes, the colors are amazing. Hugs...Lu

Mrs. VandeVelde said...

Love your Mother's Day flowers Charlotte!
I have never made a pie crust for fear of totally flubbing it so have made cobblers instead of the fruit pies. You are very brave and it looks like very successful with your cherry pie! Congrats!

Mrs. VandeVelde said...

Woops- I'm signed in under my teacher blog above!!
This is Suzan :-}}