Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Wednesday

Did you ever wake up with a bad headache only to look in the drawer for the bottle of ibuprofen and find it empty? Rarely do I get a headache, for some reason....used to get some hum dingers when I was younger. Anyway, it got me off track for this whole day...nothing seemed to go as planned. You know how that you are not all there in one piece. This too shall pass. 

I almost forgot to post for this new PP, White Wednesday. I am anxious to see what everyone posts today.

I always get inspired when I see the photos from all over.

These were taken in my friend's backyard. Aren't they luscious? That is my word of the week: luscious.

Well, as Scarlett O'Hara said: "Tomorrow is another day."
Happy Wednesday, Friends!



Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I had a bad headache yesterday evening. Was it the full moon?

The flowers are beautiful. Are they hydrangeas? I have the snowball variety, which are just starting to bloom now too.

Gail Dixon said...

Happy Wednesday, sweet Charlotte! Love all your white photos. My favorite (I can pick one right?) is the second one. The bokeh in that borrow your word...luscious! :)

Barbara said...

Hope your headache went away quickly! Love all of these, but like Gail, my favorite is the second one. Totally luscious!!

hootnonny said...

Glad your headache improved so you could join White Wednesday. These flowers are so gorgeous. LOVE the hydrangeas!

lisa said...

Wonderful whites Charlotte!
I sure hope you are feeling better!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Beautiful Charlotte, hydrangea is my favorite!

Peabea said...

Hey, thanks for the link to White Wednesday. It's not like I need another thing, but am beginning to really like them because of meeting so many new photographers and bloggers. And, yes..I find if I sleep in or am tired and make myself go back to sleep sometimes I'll wake up with a headache, but not as much as when I was a young mother. Now older and kids grown, I don't have them as often. Sure hope it wasn't the kids..jusskiddin. ~smiles 'n hugs~
I'm off to post a White Wednesday before it's too late.