Sunday, July 31, 2011

Design Challenge

You may be wondering why I am showing a bowl of peaches when this is for the Design Challenge. Well, I just didn't like the idea of my living space coming up first on my blog. Call me paranoid. :o)

But here goes. I am baring my soul or living area to the world to judge. Debra over at Common Ground suggested that I enter this blog post to see what y'all would suggest that I do with these spaces. Please be gentle, dear people. Oh well, I guess I can take it. LOL
This is the foyer... should have used a different lens to get more.

One section of table in foyer.
Here is my great room and view of my wall unit. I don't know what to do with arranging things on the shelves. Any ideas to make it brighter? As you can see, I have added some white items.

 Although I love my rock fire place, it is rather dark. I thought that adding white would help. I think it does.

Another view of fireplace and my reading chair. Do you think I should get a cream colored slip cover for it and the ottoman? OOOps I left my comforter on the chair on the right. I use it when hubby turns the AC to frigid.

 I love my fairly new leather sofa and I know that it is timeless. But it is so DARK. Do you think some burlap in a light color would be good?

These are our mama and papa chairs. I have slip covers on right now to protect but underneath is the same fabric as the ottoman. We recently had them recovered at a pretty hefty expense. I want to change the pale oak bun feet soon to match the sofa's.

You may see that I have some Western accents, like the spear in the corner. I will be giving them away to my step children I think.

Thanks for visiting, friends! Let me know what you think.




~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful room! I love the RED touches here and there and I think the white things you've used do show up so nicely! What would I change or add? On your table in the foyer, I would put a stack of books...maybe three of them and put the plant or the pedestal dish on top of the books. And on your mantle, do you have any twigs or dried flowers you could add inside of the pitcher or vase? I think the shelves look great! I tend to put out too many small items and not enough larger pieces. Your room is lovely! I'll come back and see what others suggest! This is fun! ♥ I need to do the same thing! ♥

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I am not a decorator but my grandmom was and had her own business in Buckhead, sadly none if it rubbed off on me so I cant give you any advise.... I think your place is pleasing to the eye not too cluttered and very comfortable, people would not be afraid to sit down nor do they have so many accessories to move before they do sit. Many places my grandmom and I would go into you were afraid to sit and had to wear booties or take your shoes off. Some homes, we thought we were going to have to get hosed off before entering. Oh... and as my grandmom would say, "every room needs a bit of black to anchor it". I think you have that well taken care of... and it can travel from room to room so you don't have to go buy a piece for each room....meaning the black dog.... Is that lab? (grinning) What a cutie and I bet they keep you warm on those cold days...

HELLO!!!!!! I love that hutch you have in the dining room...hello come to mama.... I love old pieces like that and I see you have some nice ones in your home.

STAY COOL!! its gonna' get even hotter, can you believe that?

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Charlotte, I love your home! So cozy and inviting. The painting of the Italian countryside in your foyer is my kind of art! I have similar pieces hanging in my house. :)

I also have dark leather furniture. When I saw it in the store I fell in love instantly, but when I got it home I was disappointed. In an effort to combat the darkness I purchased ice blue and brown throw pillows with a matching throw and that brightened it up considerably. Also, I added an area rug with the ice blue tones. I think you have the right idea with adding white to the space and shelves.

missing moments said...

Like what you have done!

Amish Stories said...

Great looking fire place, makes me wish i had one when i bought this home. Richard

Barbara said...

I love your home, especially the fireplace and leather sofa. I like Gail's idea of brightening with pillows. Your white touches are great, too.

hootnonny said...

Your home looks so comfortable! Can't wait to see how it comes together for you.

Love your peach the peachy tones.

Rosemary Aubut said...

Hi love the comfort and style, agree with Gail some big pillows that make a statement in a natural fiber along with a matching throw might be very nice addition.

hootnonny said...

Hey, looking for your new post!
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