Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday and Creative Exchange

Hello Friends! Hope Y'all are staying cool in this wretchedly hot weather. 

I stepped next door and cut some crape myrtle from my neighbor's bush as mine was too high to reach the flowers. Yes, she gave me permission. :o)

Crape Myrtles are not meant to be cut flowers, I don't think. As soon as I got them into the house and in the vase, they started to drop their petals.

I don't remember the crapes being as showy as they are this year. The pinks, reds and whites are heavy and luscious all over town. It is a gorgeous site!

But since Kim Klassen chose pink as the theme for this week's Texture Tuesday, I shot the pink crapes. Hope you like.
Have a good week!




texwisgirl said...

pretty. i can't get our crape myrtles to bloom this year - too hot; too dry. i can't keep enough water in them before the sun beats it back out of them and the buds fall off...

hootnonny said...

So pretty! Your editing is awesome!

You've inspired me to get out and photograph the gorgeous crape myrtles around town. Acturally, there's a perfect one just across the street!

Peabea said...

I have never heard of that flower. Very pretty. Love your pink editing also.

~hugs 'n smiles~ & nice to meet you.

from over at Texture Tuesday

Donna said...

These are SO pretty! I have two in my yard as well...love the blooms!

lisa said...

This is simply beautiful Charlotte! Such wonderful softness, and I love the processing you did on it.

Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange this week, and I am truly very sorry that I cannot get the button to work for you here. I am trying to find something out about it, and will get back to you.