Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving thanks

I should have taken a picture with my cell phone. But it would not have been pretty. A sack of rust colored bones in an autumn landscape. But I digress. It was yesterday morning that my daughter, Katie, had just gotten her new contact lenses and was enjoying seeing the details in signs and such that she had missed for so long. As we were returning from yet another trip to Publix for another item for Thanksgiving dinner, that she spotted a dog lying on the sidewalk. Thank you, Lord, that she could see so well. We made a quick u turn and parked the car. It was a pit bull that was so weak that he could not stand up. He was whimpering but sweet, as he let me pat his head. We tried to get him to follow us to the car but he was too weak so Katie picked him up in her arms and carried him. It was only a short drive to the vet. They carried him in on a stretcher and said that the wound that was bleeding was only superficial. Good news. So maybe all he needed was to eat and drink and would be fine.

Only later did I call and find out that his femur was very badly broken and they had animal control come and get him. Sadly, he will be put down. Although it is heart breaking, I am thankful that he was spared spending another day alone in the elements, without food, water and human kindness. It stormed last night. I pray that he is romping at heaven's gates now.



Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

The lord put you there right at that time. GOD bless you for taking him to the vet. Yes its sad he will be put down but at least he will not be in pain.

Thank the lord for eye dr's and contacts!

GOD bless you this Thanksgiving day and keep you safe.

Richard Cottrell said...

My Dear Ms. Bean. Your rewards will be many and you will surely set, someday on the side of or Lord. I'm sending You and Yours, Best Thanksgiving Wishes from My Blog to Yours and I hope I will get some Butter beans for Thanksgiving. Happy!Happy!

Barbara said...

Oh, bless you both for making sure his last days weren't spent all alone in the rain. This makes me cry and smile all at the same time. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

So sad. I used to work in animal emergency and saw so many cases like this. It grieves my heart to no end. You and Katie did a wonderful act of kindness, sparing this poor babe further suffering. May God bless you all for this good deed. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

lisa said...

Oh Charlotte, this is sad indeed, but now he is not in any pain, and how kind you were to try to get him some help.
I wish you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving.

hootnonny said...

You and Katie are indeed angels!
Happy Thanksgiving...would love to be at your dinner table!