Saturday, February 11, 2012

A true story and a luncheon with old friends

 I think my vitamin B-12 shots are finally kicking in. I have energy to spare.When the nurse asked me if I had been suffering from fatigue, I had to answer no. I have had 4 shots so far, one a month. Now I answered no, because I have never been a ball of fire.

 Many of you don't know that I am very tall ( 5 ft, 10 in.), and have suffered from clinical depression since I was a small child. Not that one has to do with the other. I am just saying that as a child, it was a handicap being at least a head taller than everyone in my class, and being reminded of it every day was not fun. And the fact that I was depressed just made me more of an outcast.

Front Yard Daffodil

But things have changed. After struggling with different medications, all of which seemed to just put me in a fog, Prozac came on the market. It was made for people like me and was a life saver. It just made me feel more normal.

BTW, please don't tell a depressed person to snap out of it and go exercise. It just makes us feel guilty and tired.

Since I am older and wiser, my life is so much better. Not perfect but better. And I have good friends. And  a good husband.

Yesterday, I made a lunch for five of my old friends from Piedmont Baptist Church. We have known each other over 20 years and get together regularly. I am back in the Roman Catholic Church now, but that is another story.
Table is set
Recently I saw a show about making mustard crusted chicken. It looked easy and good so that is on the menu today.

Sorry for this photo being out of focus. I should have changed my ISO but I was in a hurry.
Marinate chicken breasts that have been cut in half and pounded to about a half inch thickness, in 3 kinds of mustards that you like, enough to cover. Leave over night in fridge or at least for 1 hour.

Bring to room temperature and then begin an assembly line.

Dredge in flour and shake off excess.

Dip in egg mix to coat.

Coat with bread crumbs. The recipe called for Panko crumbs but I forgot to get them. What you see here is a combination of Italian bread crumbs and matzo meal. Hey, that is what I had on hand, folks. :o)

Fry in batches in canola oil and then drain on paper towels.

We had this with rice and peas, speckled butterbeans with fire roasted tomatoes, green beans, roasted sweet potatoes, salad and rolls.

After a leisurely lunch, we settled down with cherry pie a la mode and coffee. No, I didn't make the pie. Not this time.
Relaxing. Ooops, Elmo is just getting ready to sit, not poop!

My Friend, Barbara.
Paula is getting cozy.
Linda is wanting to take a nap with Elmo.

Thanks for your visit. I wish that you could come to lunch sometime if you are in town.
Let me know. I will keep the front porch light on.

Blessings to  you!

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Happyone said...

That looks and sounds very good. I'll have to give that chicken a try.
I like how you set your table with the every other one place settings.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Oh man, double yum! I will have to try this one two, it looks yummy and the salad is right up high on my favorite sides.

Depression, I wont tell you to snap out of it and you cant exercise it away, I know. Its good you have finally gotten something that helps.

I was 5'-9" growing up.. I have long shrunk an inch or so since hitting my 50's
I know the feeling of being tall in school. I was tall, with almost white complexion, white hair, eyebrows and lashes... I was called many things. One does not forget. I so feel for you.

hey, did you get your lens? Those macro's blew me away!!!! WOW!

Hope you are staying warm and don't get blown away. Did you get some flurries this AM? we did for a brief second.

Richard Cottrell said...

The chicken sounds good. I love chicken and mustard, so I think I need to try this one. Richard from My Old Historic House.

lisa said...

What fun Charlotte, and that chicken looks so yummy!

Sweepy said...

Was there an extra chair for a dog?
But I love chicken!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Maybe that's what I need - B-12 shots!! Does it really help to give you more energy? By the time I get home from school and eat - I fall asleep during the news! I'm always asking- "What I'd miss?"
Do pill form not do as well? You set a lovely table Charlotte!!

Paula said...

Your life is better but not perfect? How does perfection looks like to you? Please try to attain. I am curious as I decided to enjoy the gift of imperfection.
I am not so much into mustard but I love the decal project. Gets me motivated as I am doddling a mirror for quite some time by now! Guess I could do with a break from doodling!Thanks for sharing

Donna said...

Ahhh, there's Nothing better than old friends!
Glad you had a good time!

hootnonny said...

You threw a feast! Your friends look happy so the food must have been delicious!

I was always taller, but it was my long feet that I was teased unmercifully about. (And no, it never occurred to me that I should remove myself from life.)

Shabbygal said...

HI! Well I'm tall too 5'10 also so I know what you went through in that department! Your dinner looke yummy. Happy Valentines Day! Traci

Barbara said...

Looks like a wonderful time spent with sweet friends - the chicken sounds divine! I'm glad to hear a good report on Prozac... I have several friends who have gone back and forth with it.