Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogger Friend Meet up

Hi Chickadees! Have you ever had a blind date in your life? I bet you have. Then you know the apprehension of that kind of situation.

Except this wasn't a blind date in the sense of a real date. Yesterday I met up with two blogger friends who happen to live pretty close by here in Georgia. We had been in touch through our individual blogs for close on a year (?) And it was Tree Hugger AKA Suzan  who organized our meeting.

  But my jitters were for naught. Suzan was the first to come through the door of Jason's Deli and I recognized her right away from her blog icon. We hugged as two old friends. She is as friendly and sweet as she looks. We sat for awhile and waited for Tammy's arrival, which was perfect...we got to know a little about each other.

Then Tammy of Simple Southern Happiness  arrived and I knew her immediately from her strawberry blond hair and cute smile. 
Tammy, Suzan and me

You really must check out these ladies' blogs. Tammy has inspired me to learn macro photography and Suz has gotten me very interested in genealogy. That is the  cool thing about blogging. You can learn so much from others.

We had a lovely lunch and it was very healthy too: 

Tammy opted for the salad bar

So did Suzan

  They are very health conscious as I am too.

But I was the odd ball. I ordered  a Mediterranean whole wheat wrap with smoked turkey, roasted red pepper hummus, red onion, olives and lettuce with a fresh fruit side:


Tammy surprised us with some brownies, a recipe that she concocted that contains no flour. It is made with ground flax seeds. And guess what? It was delicious!

I think we were there for a fast 4 hours talking away, never a silent moment. Just like old friends. I can't wait to see them again! I feel so blessed.

May the peace and love of Jesus be with you all today and always!

courtesy of Graphics Fairy


hootnonny said...

Sounds like a wonderful lunch and visit with your new "old" friends! Sorry I missed your call. I've been in and out all week, taking care of Melanie's animals!

From the Kitchen said...

I've now met four of my blogging friends. Each time it was very comfortable--like we'd known each other for a long time. Looks like a delicious meal shared with good friends.


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

We did have a great time and was wonderful to meet you and share!! I truly look forward to our next FIELD TRIP to the Gardens!! You and Tammy will have to combine your talents and photos and create a book! I'll be there as your cheerleaders and to take photos of us :-}}

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

It was a wonderful meet-up and so enjoyed meeting you even it I was intimidated by your camera smarts and that new lens you have, it was like nothing I had seen ever. I was nervous and my nerves kept my adrenalin high but through my nerves I had a wonderful time. It ended all to quickly, where did the time go?

I cant wait to learn from a pro on taking shots of humans... Boy, this will be a wonderful experience, you have such talent.

Glad you liked the brownies.

I wanted to say how much I adored your necklace, outstanding piece you have there.

I am truly blessed to have been able to meet up with you and again with Suzzz. Looking forward to later next month. Nothing like having great gal-pals.

God keep you safe!

Beverly said...

What a lovely day for you three! I loved hearing how you met, via blogging, and that each of you have your own talent and main interest. I so enjoyed hearing of your day, it sounds truly fun.

Rosemary Aubut said...

How wonderful for all of you! It is amazing to me how we connect through our blogs I have met so many wonderful and talented people! Thanks for sharing your day with all of us! Will check out your friends blogs!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Oh, how fun! About 6 years ago I met a cyber friend from a musician's fan forum. I remember being terrified the "she" would actually be a knife-wielding "he". LOL It turned out great and we had a marvelous time at the concert. I'm impressed with your food choices. Looks delish! Your photo together is picture perfect. :)

Barbara said...

I love that y'all all finally met!! It is kind of like a blind date, isn't it? I've met two of my cyber friends in person now, and it is just the coolest thing how the friendship just feels so natural.

romance-of-roses said...

Hi and isn't it fun to meet up with our blogger friends? I met up with one of mine, Sandy of c'est Moi, in Rainbow CA. She was selling her wares at The Vintage Marketplace put on by Christie Repasy and Rita Reade, we emailed each other and my daughter and I went out and we also hugged like old friends. Since then have seen her again and she is adorable. Hugs...Lu