Monday, October 29, 2012

Day before Frankenstorm and The Friday Night Knitting Club

Hi Sweetie! How in the world are you? I have been so busy with taking care of Jim after his knee surgery. But I did take out some time to walk with Elmo in the park this afternoon.

The clouds don't look too menacing so far. But they say it is coming: Hurricane Sandy.
I don't know how much we will be affected. Northeast US is expecting 2 feet of snow in some areas and a loss of electricity for weeks, some say. I hope not. I prayed an extra rosary for the safety of all.

This wonderful book is not just for knitters. It is actually the story of a group of women who come together to encourage and support each other. Each character is unique and funny. It is an easy read and you will laugh and cry at some parts.

And it encouraged me to get back into knitting. A wonderful nun taught me how to knit in 3rd grade. After a series of dropped stitches and starts and stops, I finally was able to make simple items.

There is just something so soothing and gratifying seeing the stitches "grow" into something.

This is what i have been doing lately:

The light aqua is a receiving blanket based on the dish cloth pattern, really easy. Then there is the purple cowl that I knitted on the way back from Destin.

Close up of edge of blanket

And another purple hat.

An over sized turquoise hat.

And this is what i have on my needles right now. Yikes, I hope I have enough yarn to finish it.

Thanks for visiting! Your comments always make my day!

Peace, love and joy of Jesus Christ be with you today and always.



hootnonny said...

So glad you posted, as I've been thinking about you and wondering how Jimmy is doing. Was going to call you today, but I ended up cooking chili and having my family over and ran around w/Melanie to do some business. And you know I cannot do two things at a time!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Your shot of the clouds on your walk with Elmo is wonderful! Hope Jim is still being a good patient and mending nicely. I've been looking for another book to read and your recommendation sounds right up my alley! The purple and turquoise yarn are so pretty. Wish I had the patience for knitting. My daughter loves it. She made me a scarf last Christmas and it is one of my most favorite gifts. Hope you are spared any serious damage from Sandy. Keep us posted if you can!

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know you knitted - you're good!

I hope your husband is doing well.

And I hope the storm does not hurt anyone.

Love, sandie

Rosemary Aubut said...

Gorgeous work! The book looks good too! Hope your hubby is running around soon! Just finished a sweater set for new grand-baby, will post soon! Great post!

Traci said...

Charlotte, I love the colors of all your projects. My grandma taught me to knit but I can only do things in squares. Maybe granny squares will make a comeback. Great projects.

Lisa Gordon said...

Your knitting looks wonderful, Charlotte!
I have tried to teach myself to knit so many times, but...
I can knit a straight scarf though! :-)

Kerry said...

Nice knitting! I love the color choices.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Hope all is good with you and hubby. I pray no trees have fallen with all the high winds we have had.

YOUR fingers sure have been put through the mill gal, you have been hard at work with awesome creations. You sure need what you have been creating to keep warm!

Have a blessed day.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love the colors you're using - the turquoise and purple cap with the mix purple and white scarf - all look so nice together! You have been very busy!! Very nice work charlotte!