Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a photo shoot

Hello Ducky! And how is your week going so far? I have two pies in the oven, getting ready to make some side dishes and the gravy for Thanksgiving Day.

As soon as I get through, I will go on my prayer walk in the park with Elmo. But first, I want to share some photos that I took last Saturday afternoon in downtown Kennesaw.

Cheri and Ben are the parents of 3 wonderful little boys. They couldn't be any cuter.

Cheri and I are in the same Bible Study class that meets on Thursday morning. It has been nice getting to know her.

He is a doll!

Look at those eyes!

Going to be a heart breaker!

By the railroad tracks..

Here comes the train. Do you know of a single boy who doesn't like trains?

Full of mischief!

At the depot.


Thanks for taking the time to look today!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends!

May the peace, joy and happiness of the Lord, Jesus, be with you today and always!

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Chatty Crone said...

What a lovely family that is. Happy happy happy Thanksgiving to you. sandie

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

That is a beautiful family. Those boys are ALL handsome. You did a stellar job capturing the family, Charlotte. They must be thrilled with these photos. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Talk about a good looking family!! WOW~! and all those boys will need to carry a big stick to beat off the gals, very handsome!

YOU did an outstanding job on this good gal, Professional all the way. SO proud of you!!!

Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!!!

Donna said...

What a Beautiful job you did on the photos Girl! I LOVE your work...
May God Bless you and keep you all Happy and safe always!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice photos of what looks like a loving family and very photogenic boys too. Hope the pies and gravy turned out well for your celebration. Enjoy a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving, Charlotte.
Ps...did you know the post had lots of empty space before the comments section?

Barbara said...

What a beautiful family and you did a great job capturing them! Hope you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

Traci said...

Charlotte these are all wonderful pictures. I really like the one with the train tracks in the background, and yes I think all boys love trains. But my favorite was the boys laying in the leaves. So cute.
Thanks for sharing these pics, I am going to be taking pics of the dogs tomorrow and I feel inspired now.

Donna said...

Charlotte, not sure this is the right spot but here is one of my all time favorite Christmas memories. ( I have 2) This one was simply a "Gift from God, as was the second) We went to Captiva/Sanibel Island 6 years ago for Christmas week. We stayed on Captiva Island in a lovely house with swimming pool, very close to the beach. As we returned from dinner, we noticed on "our" street a sign inviting the community to a Christmas Eve service that night. I thought oh how nice, so we all planned on going to the little chapel at the end of our street that night. We decided to walk and as we approached the parking lot, I began to gasp, it was breathtaking....and have pictures. There were large colorful lights strung from the church over the chairs lined up on the beach. I could not have special ordered a more perfect scene in my mind. I rejoiced as the time passed, we had been given candles to hold and we all sung Christmas carols as we were lead by the music being played inside the church, although we all were outside. The sermon was conducted as an international service, but with one God in mind. I will never forget the strong presence of God, as it felt like it was a "Special Delivery" surprise just for me/us! Lumninars lined the beach and I have that image etched in my heart and head forever! He met me on vacation, and in a way I had never worshiped on Christmas and I will always be grateful for that : )