Friday, April 4, 2014

Car Show in Alpharetta, Georgia

This is a Daimler, a precursor to the Mercedes Benz

Hello, Ducky! Sorry I haven't been around lately. Had to deal with some family issues and it has left me drained. All is well. But if I have not returned your email or phone call, please know that it isn't because I don't care. I have to hibernate sometimes to deal with sensory overload.

Last week end, my Jimmy took me to a local car show. It was about 25 miles north of us, I think, in old downtown Alpharetta.

This was an all British show. I get my love of cars from my father, I think. Although not a rich man, he has owned least one of these different brands except for the Rolls Royce, in his lifetime. He loved all cars though so it would be hard to catalog all of them.

When I was of driving age, he gave me his MG midget, and later, his MGB, both in British racing green and both convertibles. What fun it was to drive them!

MGB, don't know the year, sorry.

It was a mizzling day but it was not too hot. (A mizzle is a cross between a mist and drizzle-an Irish term). All the cars were very close together so it was hard to get good clean shots.

1933 (?) Rolls Royce

Front View

I don't think my father ever cared to know if there was an engine inside; he just love the cachet of owning certain cars.

Another Jag, different model.
Do you know the joke about owning a Jag? They say you must afford 2 of them, because one is always in the shop. The first XKE that my father owned, was lemon yellow and boy was it a lemon.

Allard, rare

Back wheel of Allard
Front Wheel of Allard. Look at the shine!

And the hood.
A sign along the way

I think this is an MGA. What a beauty!

These small sports cars were a joy to drive but I wouldn't drive one in the traffic we have in this age.
It would surely be a death trap.

Another Random Sign 

A custom MGB

An old MG

MG Hatch back

Looks like my old one except for the color
A Bug eyed Sprite. Jim loves this one.

Last of all the Red Rolls Royce. I didn't like this because the color I think cheapens it. But somebody is having fun with it. Notice the Grey Poupon on the tray in the backseat?

Oops! I didn't get a full side view.
Well that is all, my friend! Thanks for coming along on our little car show. It was a fun day.

Peace and love of Jesus be with you today and always!


hootnonny said...

Looks like a lot of fun despite the mizzle!

Anonymous said...

My late dad and I always loved car shows. Alpharetta is where I grew up, in fact within walking distance of these pictures. The Green Rolls is parked by the building that was the 5&10 store that I walked to as a child. Next time you are in Alpharetta, visit Ivy Interiors (a gift boutique located in my grandparent's 1940 house) and next door to that Is Mittie's Tea Room....within walking distance of where these cars were parked!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What total fun! I adore car shows although have never been to a Brit specific show. I've always wanted to own a vintage/antique car and now do...sort of. I have a 1988 GMC Sierra pick up truck that's my farm truct. Charlotte, hope all is well with you and yours; I do know what you mean about overload.

Lisa Gordon said...

Such great old cars, Charlotte.

My dad had such a love for cars too. My son has inherited that love. It can be an expensive love though!! :-)

I would not mind driving around in that black Jag. LOVE it!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Oh Charlotte,
Don't you wish you still had those cars your Father gave you?
Wish I knew about this - Danny would have LOVED to have gone to see them. He has a keen interest in British cars as well as any sports car!!
they are all beautiful!!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Those are gorgeous cars!!!!
I love the Grey Poupon! Nice touch.

Hope you are well.
What did you end up doing with your car? Fixed it?

Gail Dixon said...

Mizzle, ha! Never heard that one, but I like it. The car show looks like fun. I never understood the draw to having a fancy car until I bought the BMW. I get it now, lol. I think it's a lot like the jag; I might need 2. Those are some pretty vehicles you captured there. Bet it was a fun day!

Donna said...

I love old cars! They sure look great.