Sunday, June 5, 2011

Focus 52 - Blue

Sometimes life feels like being on roller coaster. I have been reading blogs that i follow and note that quite a few of us are tending to burn out. With so many cool Photo "parties" there is always a self-imposed deadline to meet. Recently Tricia of a Rosy Note, decided to end her "party" Photo Feature Friday, because of personal constraints. I can't blame her. I don't have the constitution to carry on that long.
Hey, this is supposed to be fun, not stress filled. :o)

So take it easy everyone and stop to smell the roses. I am so glad for each and everyone of you. It opens up my world to share my photos and thoughts and to see and read yours.

Does anyone know of any other fun "parties"?

Have a wonderful Sunday, y'all!



saintseester said...

I love that first image with the blue jar. It's such a pretty shade and the simple sprigs make a lovely subject.

hootnonny said...

What a perfect vase for blue hydrangeas! And I really like the editing you did on these!

heavenlyginger said...

Very nice work!

Louisiana Belle said...

Yeah, I was sad to see Tricia put the kibosh on Photo Feature Friday, but I can't blame her. I can't even post regularly on my own blog, much less run a blog hop. Don't know how people find the time to do it all.

Love all the images for this post, but my favorite has to the the first one. The bright blue of that vase and the way you have it positioned on the white table with the cool texture is beautiful.

lisa said...

These are beautiful photographs Charlotte!
I love the compositions of each one.

Rosemary Aubut said...

Just so lovely! Love them all, I would be hard pressed to pick the one I like best! Great editing!

flashbulbspurpleirises said...

The first one is really nice - I'm a huge fan of blue, and I love that you have so many shades of blue loveliness. Is that a blue texture you're using too?