Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update on the deck

Here is my Rambo with a drill. He is my sweet detail oriented husband who is working so hard to make my wish for a deck to come true. Along with our good friend and neighbor, Harvey, who is really the brains for the project, as he has built a number of decks. So we benefit from his trials and errors.

Here is the view of the deck facing the master bedroom door. After this project is finished I will pressure wash the stucco walls.

Here is where the ramp ends at our mini pond.

The ramp leading from our sun room door to the mini pond. I wanted a ramp not only for our later stages in life but also for our little dog Elmo who has trouble going up steps.

My great room window.

This is for Betty: See the steps that I had to navigate with no railing? No more.

View from the yard.

Thanks for visiting me today. I hope your day is going well. See you again soon I hope!




Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Man, they have really made progress! Looks great!! My little Sparky cannot go up or down steps anymore, either. We have to carry him to bed and place him on the bed. Makes me sad. :(

texwisgirl said...

probably good to put in a ramp, but i hope it doesn't get too slick in the rain! :)