Monday, October 31, 2011

Dog Show Sunday

Bull Terrier smiling
It has been a blue moon since I have been to an All Breed AKC dog show. I used to be an avid dog show fan, at least the ones in our area. But as life happens, interest change.

Usually my Sundays have been quiet affairs, hanging around the house in my pajamas and  fleece socks, reading the paper. But I decided to mix it up a bit so Jim and I took Katie to breakfast first and then to Jim Willis Park for the dog show. It was a gorgeous, crisp fall day, not a cloud in the most blue sky.

Beddlington Terrier

Afghan Hound

Border collie


These photos are not in any particular order. Just to give you a glimpse of the show and dogs. And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A Doberman Pincher

Black Russian Terrier, new to the AKC

Black Russian Terrier Puppy

Corgi, Pembroke maybe?
English Springer Spaniel, Clara
 I am not here to see who will win, I just like to see all of the different breeds and talk to the breeder and handlers.

Could be a dog lover

Don't hate me because I am beautiful
 I had one of these gorgeous dogs once, named her Scarlett.

Don't know what dog this is
This show thing bores me

Halloween Witch

Handsome fellow

Look at those eyes, she is smiling...Belgian Sheepdog, Turvurin maybe

Can't remember this breed, makes me think of freckles
One of the many vendors

Waiting for the command

Sure to please

Saluki winning best of breed maybe?

I am so sleepy
Got to stay clean for the judges



I can't take this anymore....a Portuguese Water Dog

Beauty Queen

Portuguese Podenco, New to AKC

Poodle of course

Border Terrier, Pooped

Saluki Hounds
Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Peace and love,



Barbara said...

I've never been to a dog show! It looks like so much fun!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

You took some great photos! So happy when I scrolled down to the chihuahua and the yorkie. :) If I was younger and had more energy I'd love to have a Border Collie. They require a lot of exercise I hear. They are such beautiful dogs. Really, all of these are. You did an awesome job capturing them. Bet that was fun. :)

Richard Cottrell said...

They are all so cute, but I didn't see a Sissy dog beagle there? So sad. Thanks for taking me along to see all the cuties. Richard from My Old Historic House.

hootnonny said...

Soooooo much fun! I lke the one that looks like me - sleek and blond!

lisa said...

What beautiful creatures these are Charlotte!
The Black Russian Terrier is just gorgeous!

Renewed Upon a Dream said...

Did you take all of those pictures? They are really great! I love dogs, we have a mixed breed 7 year old named Mojo. He's awesome :) (says his proud mamma). I love the picture of the huskey, they are so beautiful!