Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheap way to cover chairs /and old table to refinish


Recently I bought some linen {or something like it} slip covers for my great room chairs. They were a bargain and from a well known manufacturer so I thought they would be decent. When I got them on the chairs, they looked thin and tacky so I took them back.

Going online I checked and checked to find something nice. I would pay the price to get good quality. Well, I did find some good twill, 2 piece covers for about $80 each. But the free shipping expired so I refused to order. The S & H was $20.

Since I have read on different sites that you can cover sofas and chairs with painters canvas, I thought I would give it a try. If it didn't work, I can always find other uses for it. And boy, is it cheap.

The canvas here was about $10 for 9 ft. x 6 ft. The cover for the ottoman at 4 ft. X 5 ft. was $5. I got it all at Lowe's and for almost the price that the shipping would have cost had I ordered the slip covers online.

Of course, you will do a much better job at folding and tucking than I did. And someone gave the tip that if you use bleach and fabric softener when you wash them, they hang much better. I have not done that yet.

The canvas is a nice thickness, way better quality than those above mentioned slip covers that I returned. 

New Old Table
Below, is an old table that a friend gave me to work on. After sanding off the gooky brown stuff {don't know if it was brown paint or stain}, here is what it looks like. Anybody know what kind of wood it is?? Tammy, do you know?

 Here is a close up of the brass detail on the side.

 Here is the table before sanding...well I started to sand it here.

The piece is so light that I can lift it with one hand, and I am not a strong person. Is this a sign of cheap quality? I am new to this game of refinishing and don't know much.

What would you do with it? I would love to hear comments.

Hope you are enjoying this weather...have a wonderful weekend!

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Barbara said...

I love that canvas look - I used one of those as a curtain for some interior french doors. That table is so cool - love the details. Have no idea about the quality, but judging from your last table adventure, I can't wait to see what you decide to do with this one!

Richard Cottrell said...

Your chair covers made me smile. I have Sissy Dog you know, and she likes to get onto my chairs and I have to keep them covered. I do something simiular and when I am having a tour, I have to remember to take them all off. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

hootnonny said...

They do the trick and if you grow tired of them you can use them when you paint the room!

Can't tell you what kind of wood that is, but I can tell you that you'll have it spiffy before long!

BTW, and off topic, I read on my WNC FB that fleece makes a good photog backdrop.

lisa said...

This is fantastic Charlotte, and it looks great!!

Butterbean Row said...

Thank you Lisa, I was wondering if something was wrong with my blog as I wasn't getting any comments/ :p)

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Ingenious idea you have there for chair covers. I think a trip to the hardware store is in order. I keep the sofa covered where hubby likes to lounge. This way it keeps the material in pristine condition. These drop cloths look thicker than the sheets I use. They will protect the fabric better. We grew up with our house looking like it was ready to be painted with everything covered until company came and we had fun running through the house ripping off the covers. The furniture wore out but always looked new.

I DO LOVE that table and it fits right in with your decor! I think the wood is poplar.