Monday, October 3, 2011

Out of my comfort zone, again.

My good friend, Barbara, scheduled a birthday celebration for the folks at Cameron Hall, an assisted living facility in Canton, GA last Friday afternoon. Since another friend from her church was not able to help her, she asked me to help out.
 Old people have always kind of scared me. Don't ask me why. Maybe it is the fear of growing older and being sick and infirm. I don't know.

And I thought that the place would be dingy, smelly and depressing. It couldn't have been farther from the truth. This place was clean, bright and cheerful. What a pleasant surprise. And the residents appear to be well cared for and happy.

The ladies had all just had their hair washed and set just for us. Barbara asked me to shoot their pictures to later take to them as a party favor. So here they are.

Here is the father of one of my friends. He suffers from Alzheimer's so he doesn't remember me.

                                               She was just so sweet.


About one half of the residents use a walker or wheel chair. Good thing that it is all on one level.

The word on this couple, who sat apart from the rest of the group, is that they are "sweethearts". Awwww....

Barbara brought the ingredients for coke floats (Diet Coke, sugar-free ice cream), balloons and birthday cards. And while they sipped on their drinks, a volunteer came and played old tunes on the piano. After she finished, the gentleman in the above photo took over and started playing out of a Brahms music book. He sounded like a professional. He also sat alone but was chatty when we went to take his picture. He later invited us into his room to see his mother's artwork. Her style reminded me of Maxfield Parrish.

This lady was tickled that I noticed her manicure. Pretty red nails!

Look at that dazzling smile...lady in red!

Another sweet lady.

Too cute in his Hawaiian shirt!

The two love birds (remember the sweethearts) requested that i take separate photos for their families.

I think she may have been a Southern Belle in her hey day.

After all was said and done, I have to say that visiting with these lovely people was a blessing to me. And I hope that we brought them some happiness too. I think we did.

Thanks for visiting me. Have a good week my friends!!



Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Charlotte, old people scare me, too! I once volunteered through my Catholic church (ages ago) to visit the elderly at a nursing home. It was my one and only visit. It was one of those smelly places and the residents were not nearly as alert and pretty as your group.

You did a wonderful thing! Especially taking the time to photograph each person. Some of them don't look old enough to be in a home. I must be getting old myself. Anyway, thanks for the meet and greet. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. :)

Donna said...

Loved the photos and am terribly sorry about your friend's sad.
I just turned 60 and when I see older people, I wonder about all the History they could share...What a fount of info!
You were SO sweet to "make these people's" Day!

hootnonny said...

Fantastic photos Charlotte. I'm sure their family's will be so happy to get them. And I noticed the lady lovebird also has a pretty (pink) manicure.

My only objection to being around the elderly is the reality that I am one of least in age and body.

Barbara said...

I'm glad you overcame your fear and tagged along to help - these photos are wonderful and I have no doubt you were such a bright spot in their day!!

Richard Cottrell said...

What a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing. My parents are both gone. Sad. Richard from My Old Historic House.

lisa said...

These are priceless Charlotte!
You sure did beautifully for being out of your comfort zone.
I am sure they will absolutely love these!

Emily said...

What a wonderful experience and such great photos! Thank you for sharing.

I wanted to let you know that I showcased your photo on Tones on Tuesday this week. Thanks again for linking up!

Happyone:-) said...

I've always liked seniors. I love the stories they have to tell. : )
I'm glad you found the people happy and well cared for.