Sunday, January 22, 2012

Graphic Transfer with Tissue Paper

Hi Everyone! I hope your weekend is going well for you!
Please indulge me here. I was not satisfied with this project, my sewing table. It just didn't look right. 

Soooo.... I decided to try a new way of transfer. Well, new to me anyway. Has anyone tried this. Let me know.

 I thought that tissue paper, the ordinary kind you use for wrapping and lining boxes, would work. Since it is very thin, using Mod Podge, just might work.

I used a rotary cutter that I have for quilting projects to cut the paper to the size of computer paper. 

Then I carefully taped all around the edges to a piece of card stock, for stability in the printer.

I printed my image from Graphics Fairy. 
Isn't she just wonderful!

I carefully cut around as much of the image as I could. Then Using a foam brush, I coated the area with Mod Podge. Then I VERY CAREFULLY applied the tissue over the medium. It can easily tear and it did, but I was able to patch it pretty well.

Let it dry completely and then add additional coats of MP. The directions say to sand with 400 grit paper and use fine steel wool, but I haven't done that yet.

I think this looks much better, do you?

Peace and joy to you!



Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

You are so brave to try these things! I love the new transfer - turned out perfect!! That image is so cute and works so well for a sewing table. One of these days one of your tutorials might make me want to take a stab at something like this.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Much better indeed, I think I would skip the sanding part.

There is another idea. I was trying to find the company I used to get the acrylic decal transfer sheets. They are clear sheets, you then print your image on them. Then spray several coats of a clear varnish on them...Like Krylon spray. Then cut your image out, soak it in warm water then you slide it on your project like a decal. I wonder if Michaels has them? I will keep looking, I was sure I had many sheets here, I did not use them all. I was copying photos onto the sheets, then transferring them to ceramic tiles. I know this would work for your projects. BUT looks like you mastered it.
You gave it new life!

WhyCuzICan said...

I think your project looks great!

Found this link in my "views" page on my blog, and remembered your blog name.

Now *I* have never tried tissue paper for printing- maybe I should try!!!

Suzanne (The Citra Solv Tut Lady ya emailed)
in NW Illinois