Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Processed with KK Yesteryear and Pourvous
Well, I am still here. And you are too, since you are reading this post. How about that prediction that the end of the world as we know it was to start on May 21st with a world wide earthquake. It makes you wonder about people, that they actually have the nerve to predict what God said only He knows the day and the time.

My friend, Paula, sent me this devotional this morning. We are to live in the moment, not the future. It is worth the read:

 "Be encouraged and learn to live in the moment, for as you learn the art of living in the moment and seeking My face, that moment will become a treasure to you rather than a judgment. It will become a blessing to you rather than a curse to you. I am seeking those who are Mine, and they must be found seeking My kingdom first. If you do not learn to live in the moment, the signs that I provide, the instruction that I desire to impart to you, and the blessing of that moment will all pass you by and the opportunity will be gone. So, become spiritually awake to such an extent that you are living in present reality. Make sure in this season that you take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, says the Lord."  Bill Burns

This morning I assisted in a funeral for a church member, so my plans to go out and shoot photos was put on hold. See above. :o)

So, I did the next best thing that I could think of. I had plans to go to lunch with a friend to a lovely place called "Capers". I didn't have my camera to shoot the pretty flowers there, but I did have my cell phone. So I took them, sent them to my computer and processed them with KK textures.
 Processed with KK_Yesteryear, Hard Light at 24% opacity, then brushed the texture from the flowers at 100%. New Texture: KK Believe, Vivid Light, 24%, brushed flowers at 50% opacity.
 First I ran an action, Flora Bella's "Tuesday" from her Luxe II collection, then KKNot too shabby, Overlay 33%, brushed off flowers at 50% opacity. Then used "Paper stained music" at Multiply 53%. Added Paper stained music again at Soft Light, 48%.

 First made a screen layer and reduced the opacity to 50%. Used "Dusty rose" Overlay with opacity at 45%. And finished with Warm Grunge...can't remember the opacity.

 Made a screen layer and reduced the opacity to 50%. Added KK Warm Sun, Vivid Light 24% and brushed it off the flowers 50%.

Have a wonderful day!  

Charlotte ♥


Nancy said...

The geranium is gorgeous! I don't have any here, but my mom plants them every year. She would love this! :)

followingsplendor said...

I love this texture with the red! So beautiful...

A Rosy Note said...

Very pretty! The first one is my favorite :)

Louisiana Belle said...

I used my cell phone camera a few times last year to save me on my 365 project. You did great on these! Your phone takes really good photos. Kim has some pretty amazing textures, too.

If people would just READ what the bible says about the end times, no one would pay any mind to this "pastor". Why would one donate money to him, knowing that passage in the bible? Doesn't make sense.

hootnonny said...

These are great Charlotte. Love the red geranimum and I am impressed with the quality of pics from you phone. Nicely textured w/KK textures!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Love it Charlotte! Love the first one too! Great texture.

taryn s ryan photography said...

Hi Charlotte! I love the last photo of the white roses - the texture and blue tone are lovely!